About our Club
The Bozeman Rotary Club was established over 100 years ago, in 1920. The Livingston Rotary Club originally sponsored our creation and charter for new members.  Back in the 1920's, the Bozeman Rotary Club consisted of strong partnerships and alliances with Montana State University and the entrepreneurs of the time who were primarily in agriculture. Our Club is woven into the very fabric of Bozeman, including Rotarians who were critical in creating the managerial form of governance for the City, major land deals associated with the hospital, creation of the first Board for the local airport, and the list goes on. We enjoy a rich history of caring for outdoor spaces, such as the Rotarian initiatives to create a robust trail system and develop what is now known as the Sourdough Trail and the Gallagator Trail systems. Rotarians in Bozeman were also connected to a strong sense of community, which tied them into developments for refurbishing the Bogert Park Pavilion and helping Bogert Pool with reconstruction efforts. 
The Club was so popular, in fact, that it eventually spurred a new club. When the two Clubs began distinguishing themselves from each other, one became known as the Noon Club and the other became known as the Sunrise Club. This page is dedicated to the service projects and community support initiatives for the Bozeman Noon Rotary Club, but the two clubs still work collaboratively together. 
Today, our Club is a perfect opportunity for newcomers to the Bozeman area. We fill our weekly Tuesday lunch meetings with programming from local businesses and non-profits. That programming can help new Bozeman residents understand the economic drivers, relationships, and phenomenal work being done right here in the Gallatin Valley. Our primary focus for service and other activities has consistently been on youth, youth education, youth leadership, and scholarships. We additionally focus on our Bozeman roots such as honoring those in agriculture, crafting improvements of our outdoor spaces, and cleaning up our roads.